Customer’s satisfaction is our commitment!

We started our journey of buying house & export, only to provide dedicated service to worldwide customers. We are committed to satisfy our customers and we relish the challenges that initially arise in a typically fast moving fashion world. We have professional merchandisers 

 and experienced QCs (Quality Controllers) team, having their adequate knowledge and expertise, understand the dynamics of apparel business that is fast paced and challenging. Furthermore, we can assure, committed services to any buyer/importer/wholesaler/depart ment chain stores around the world whose wish to do business with us.

Our services and activities:

FIBER FASHION INT 'L welcomes all prospective buyers to visit and evaluate our Service. 

Quality Assurance is key tasks for the part of a supplier and manufacturer as well. Manufacturers has to source materials from different places, garments is being stitch by different skilled workers. 

Therefore, it has to be ensured that produced garments quality is as per buyer’s requirements. For that we follow:


 1. Quality Policy: Quality Policy is being maintained and updates it to the respective buyers for optimum quality assurance (Q.A.) of product as per buyer’s requirements.

2. Quality Control Circles: Quality Control Circle adopted in production cycle, dedicatedly for solving workplace problem. 

3. Quality Team: In order to maintain product quality assurance, we have skilled quality assurance team.

4. Quality Checking and Maintenance: Total goods are checked before shipment for quality assurance. Yarns are lab-tested for pilling resistance, color fastness etc. All kinds of raw materials are preserved in warehouses in a professional manner. All production floors keep clean and maintain all necessary safety measures according to compliance.

Northern Apparel Sourcing BD plays important role in regard to the quality, quantity, fashion and price.


Cost Effective:
We provide the buyer a product with competitive price and best quality, it’ll help to catch the mass level consumer market without single dollar investment.
Quality Concern:
We always take care of the product’s quality as per buyer specifications to prevent buyer’s losses for reputation as well as money. We perform all kind of services with buyer’ and suppliers’ full satisfaction. 
The supplier normally achieved 90 -120 days for a single order execution lead time. In the recent year, it’s reducing significantly, but not more than 60 days that mean within this anything can happen. We provide support in this complex supply chain process; it is badly needed in the supplier side especially in the production time for smooth production, so that quality and production both will be maintained in stipulated time.  
We make sure that there is no communication gap between both buyer and supplier, and order is being executed as per actual requirement. We have professional and technical know-how team about the subject, who receive product information from buyer and communicates to the manufacture, make understand to their own language for proper execution of the order. 
Product Development:        
New design development is very important for every retailer. So, we help to develops number of new products, by provide quick support from the supplier. 
Market Analysis:
We updates market information of Manufacturing country’s in regard to political situation, labor law, review of the worker salaries, yarn price, accessories price, fabric price, lead-time, the future of the business, FDI (foreign direct investment) and many other issues related to production, which help a fast growing buyer in future budget and production planning.  


A monthly capacity of 1 million pieces across all factories.

Factory Setup: We have number of factories working under our umbrella starting from 300 machines to 6000 machines. Our all factories are full compliance and most of Knit factory have vertical set-up means they have in-house Knitting/dying /garment sewing & packing.